A Busy Autumn

The end of the summer holidays will see a crowded calendar for our members.

On August 30th we will have a stall at a “Living With and Beyond Head and Neck Cancer” event at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. Our members have assisted with an ambitious new initiative from Abi Miller, SLT. She has devised a programme of support to help patients cope with the lasting effects of treatment. The marketplace event we are attending concludes the programme.

On September 13th we welcome representatives from ATOS and Countrywide Supplies to advise us (and guests) of new products and developments in prescription items for laryngectomees.

September 19th-23rd is European Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week. We will be holding a Coffee Morning at The Eyre Chapel to raise funds for NALC and HNChelp and also publicise the early symptoms of head and neck cancer.