General Committee Meetings 2018

 Monday January 29

Monday March 26

Monday October 1

Annual General Meeting 2018

 Monday May 21

Meetings are held at St. Peter’s Parish Hall Eaton Square, London SW1W 9AL, commencing at 1-30pm. Refreshments available from 12-30pm.

NALC is delighted to be involved with two new initiatives in 2017.

Dr Brendan McGrath, who leads the National Tracheostomy Safety Project and is the NHS Clinical lead on such matters, has invited NALC to join a project to improve the care and safety of neckbreathers, We are gathering the experiences of our members when being treated in hospital or elsewhere to bring a patient perspective to the project.

NALC is assisting a team of researchers from the Universities of Hull and Sheffield who are developing a new alternative for speech after a laryngectomy which employs new technology. It would be suitable for almost all patients, including those for who a speech valve or electrolarynx is unsuitable.