A Cancer Journey


Steve Hewlett is 58 and a journalist who works for the BBC, presenting The Media Show on Radio 4. About a year ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 oesophageal cancer.

For past few months he has shared his experiences every Monday on Radio 4, on the PM programme, interviewed by Eddie Mair. The link below gives the chance to download or listen to the podcast.


I have never met Steve and never will, but I am sure everyone will like him. His dry wit and sense of realism about his situation are in evidence every week and he has a sensitive collaborator, in Eddie Mair.  Every part of his journey is covered from the discomfort experienced during treatment to how to help the family cope as well. Some interesting questions arise such as how will cancer patients fare as the NHS faces a shortage of funds and overwhelming demand.

Strongly recommended!

Sadly Steve passed away on February 20th, however the podcasts should be available using the link for many months.