Annual Report 2022-3

After an AGM on Tuesday 14 March the Officers were all re-elected. The report below was presented to the meeting:

Covid  We have had a full range of afternoon meetings but with some changes compared to our former pattern. The Eyre Chapel has been used as we are not mixing with the public as we would at The Olde House. Seventeen members have attended during the year. We have had no social meetings in the evenings at the Olde House because of concerns around covid.

The Chairman and Secretary have provided information and support to 7 new patients by means of hospital visits, telephone and email but none of these patients  have chosen to attend group meetings. The website continues to be busy with over 60,000 page views, including our resources pages, during the year.

We have welcomed Severn Healthcare representatives to two meetings. In March they demonstrated a new range of electrolarynxes and a new hands-free speech valve. In October the range of HME adhesives were demonstrated and there was a further lengthy discussion about getting the best from hands-free valves.

At the request of Cavendish Cancer Information Hub Sheffield we have established a working relationship with the Hub. There is a head and neck group in Sheffield but it meets only infrequently in the north of the city, in Hillsborough.

We held our usual Christmas celebration in December. The raffle and donations more than covered the cost of the event.