Together Again


Since the meeting in August, described below, we held another meeting on September 8th and plan to meet again on October 13th.

The Rule of 6 limit for gatherings does not apply to support group meetings like ours, so we will not be ignoring guidance or even the law. However some members may feel that they do not want to risk joining us due to their vulnerabilities, which may not be confined to being a laryngectomee.

When we get into winter then alternatives such as Zoom meetings will be used to bring us togther,


Finally, after 5 months our group was able to meet again. We chose an outdoor location, Holmebrook Valley Park, close to our normal meeting  venue.

The weather was kind to us , though temperatures were high, and we found a shady location. The turnout was high but we missed a few regulars who had medical appointments or other problems.

Since we met in March members have experienced bereavements,  complications after treatment and other issues. It was great to be able to share news and listen to our friends once again.

Members heard of two new laryngectomees we have helped and donations from a couple of regular supporters. Everyone present decided to meet again, in the same location next month.

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Covid – Help Yourself and Others

It is becoming clearer that there will be no quick fix for Covid-19 and vulnerable groups such as laryngectomees will have to keep up their efforts to stay safe.

If you have a smartphone please consider downloading the app as described     HERE    You will be aiding research to fight Covid.

You need to be prepared to spend 1 minute every day reporting on your health, well or unwell.

You may find some of the up to date information  on the website provided by subscribers helpful to you, especially letting you know about infections in your area.

You may want to assess for yourself considerations about privacy and security if using the app but the aims of the project are laudable.