European Head and Neck Awareness Week


On Tuesday 19th September we organised a Coffee Morning to coincide with the European Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week. Once again we used the 13th century Eyre Chapel in Newbold and were blessed with a warm and dry day.

As well as promoting knowledge of the  early signs of head and neck cancer,  we managed to raise over £200 and half of this will be donated to NALC.

As always at such events, Marjorie Thorne’s baking proved very popular, for immediate consumption or taken away for later.

We thank all our visitors for their generous support.

I Left My Voice on the Dining Room Table

Pat Wertz Sanders was a laryngectomee and a major contributor to WebWhispers, the USA based internet mail list and online resource. She died last year.

In 2014 Pat published a book about her experiences and it contains much information that other patients may find helpful.

Now, in ebook form, the book is available for free. It does not have the sophisticated writing style of my favourite cancer journal – John Diamond’s C: Because Cowards Get Cancer Too – but there will be few laryngectomees that do not find it helpful.

download here

If you do not have an ebook reader there is the option to download a pdf file.