Head and Neck Services Review

In early July we had a visiting speaker from the Cancer Alliance covering our area, basically the old North Trent Cancer Network region. The head and neck pathway is being reviewed and the patient and carer viewpoint is being sought. This is a welcome development. There has been little chance for patient involvement since North Trent was subsumed into the larger Yorkshire Network five years ago. We will be supporting this initiative in any way we can, starting with a meeting in Sheffield at the end of July.

Our members come from a wide area and we contributed to a similar development in the East Midlands Cancer Network last year. Disappointingly we had no feedback about the outcomes of that review, Hopefully this will not be repeated and our members will be kept in the loop.

Before the Summer Break


We had two meetings in July. At the first,  a visiting speaker from the cancer alliance covering the old North Trent Network area sought our involvement in an event at the end of the month. Patient involvement is needed in a review of the patient pathway. Our members contributed to a similar review in the East Midlands network.

For our concluding social  evening we organised a Summer Meal, which attracted a record number of attendees. We were delighted to see our Treasurer, Pam Gill, who for two years has been fighting cancer. She receives services from Ashgate Hospice and to thank them she took part in a recent sponsored event. She cannot walk far so some of her journey required a wheelchair. We were delighted to make a donation to the funds she raised. (Pictures can be seen in the gallery page.)

A few days later we were very sorry to learn of the passing of Barry Godfrey.  In his time as a member he had generously supported our work in many ways. (See the “In Memoriam” page)



Our group has many meetings during the year. We share difficult experiences  and discuss some serious issues, so it is great when we can enjoy ourselves.

This week we organised a trip to the seaside. Chesterfield is almost as far as you can get from the sea in the UK. We chose Cleethorpes as our destination on the Lincolnshire coast. The picture shows some of our members who joined the trip.