Support Groups

Itzhak Brook, MD, MSc, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine has written recently about his experiences in joining a laryngectomee support group.


At the end of the article he states: Helping others and making a difference helps me cope with my own handicap and overcome the hardships I face.

His experiences in many ways mirror my own.  After my surgery I eventually returned to work having coped well in my rehabilitation. A few years later, after taking early retirement I finally attended a support group meeting. Like Professor Brook, I gained so much and have continued to benefit from sharing experiences with so many others around the UK.


Jabs for the Boys – why no catch-up?

As reported in a post last month, we are seeing more evidence of the increasing  contribution of HPV to incidence of head and neck cancer.

Last year in the UK it was announced that boys, as well as girls, would be vaccinated against HPV. So far the suggestion of a catch-up programme for boys who have missed out has been ignored.

Daily Mail Article

Many parents who wish to protect their sons may find the cost of a private vaccination prohibitive and the decision of the DHSC will cost lives.