In Memoriam

Sandra Curran

June 2020

Several years after his laryngectomy, Peter Curran became aware of our group and started to attend our meetings along with his wife Sandra. Early in 2019 Sandra was unwell and was subsequently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At all times Sandra faced this challenge with enormous positivity, undergoing the treatment recommended and joining us whenever she was able. Sadly she has  passed away this month.

Sandra gave so much to our group. Her empathy and concern for others was matched by her ability to engage with them. She illustrated the best qualities of peer support with her humour and charm. She will be missed so much.

Our thoughts now turn to Peter, whose loss is immense, and we will be doing what we can to support him.

John Alls

August 2019

John and Sue joined us almost a year ago. Immediately John stood out as he used an electrolarynx on his cheek to speak.

They enthusiastically joined in our activities. They attended the head and neck conference in Nottingham, including the ATOS forum, sharing their experiences to help others. I cannot imagine anybody not getting on with John and he was generous in his appreciation of what he learned from other laryngectomees.

By a cruel twist of fate a recurrence of his cancer was discovered when he had surgery to allow him to have a speech valve.

Our thoughts are with Sue and all of John’s family and friends.

Barry and Gillian Godfrey

July 2019

Barry had the same GP as Stuart Dawson and when he faced a laryngectomy Stuart supported him. Some months afterwards Barry, and his wife Gillian, joined our group.

From the start they were keen to help others and Barry’s experience helped NALC by providing up to date information about nebulisers currently available. He was trained by Heads2Gether, the support group in Nottingham, to support head and neck patients at his local hospital, Kingsmill.

Last year Barry had a recurrence which could not be cured and we were shocked when in April this year Gillian passed away suddenly.

Though not unexpected, we are sorry to hear the news  about Barry. We will miss the companionship that he and Gillian brought to the group, as well as the practical assistance they gave to others.


Stuart Dawson

November 2018

On November 6th we heard that Stuart had passed away. Last December he had learned that his cancer had returned but unfortunately the tumour location meant it was inoperable.

Stuart and his wife Mary started to attend our meetings in 2015, after a pre-op visit in clinic and a further meeting with him not long after surgery. They became valued and loved members of our group and gave more support to others than they needed for themselves.

Stuart was strong, down to earth and a good friend to all of us. He was dealt a poor hand of cards with his cancer journey and will be missed greatly. Our thoughts go out to Mary as she copes with her loss and we will help her as best we can.


Tony Curtis

March 2016

Please see the tribute in the Post of April 2016

Bill Mountford

June 2014

It was a shock today, on reading the Derbyshire Times, to learn that Bill Mountford has passed away.

Bill was a staunch, loyal and in every sense a generous member of our group. He did not have an easy journey after his laryngectomy operation and it was a great pleasure to see him finally achieve a new method of speech last year.

He shared a love of fishing with several others in the group and most meetings saw him sharing the latest joke he had heard, though until recently that was done by him using his notepad.

Bill will be missed but not forgotten. We send our condolences to his brother Dave and the rest of his family.

Brian Roberts

November 2013

It is with great sadness that we have learned that Brian Roberts has passed away.

Brian has been a member of our group for over 4 years and this news has been a dreadful shock to us all. He has shown tremendous courage and determination in the face of many episodes of poor health. He has attended and enjoyed most of our social events in recent years, along with daughter Pam.

Brian will be greatly missed and Pam and the rest of Brian’s family are at the forefront of our thoughts at the moment. Brian joined us in our trip to York in September and several of us were with him at the meeting of Heading Forward only last week.