Achieving World-class Cancer Outcomes

A very important report has just been published that will shape the delivery of cancer services for years to come.  There are over 90 recommendations and it will take time to digest them  all For now I am picking out one:

Recommendation 62: NHS England should encourage all hospital providers to provide a directory of local services (electronic and on paper) and facilitate local cancer support groups (e.g. by providing free space), which can provide peer and signposting support to cancer patients being treated there. This should complement directories provided in general practice.

HNChelp greatly welcomes this and hopes our local trust will implement it and ensure all head and neck cancer patients are signposted to the support we can offer

Heading Forward

The head and neck cancer support group, started by the Nurse Specialists, Sharon and Mary,  at Chesterfield Royal has closed.

HNChelp has supported this group from its formation, with many of our members joining the new group. However staff changes and the reconfiguration of head and neck services locally have had an adverse impact and the group is no longer viable.

We will be working hard to fill the gap. Though the long-term needs of  laryngectomees are different from other head and neck patients,  a single support group for all is the ideal we must aim for.